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Important Notice
UB Bancorp, the holding company for Union Bank, has agreed to merge with FNB Corporation. Read the Press Release HERE.

the little bank, Inc. completes acquisition of Union Bank & Trust Company

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Dear existing little bank customer:

As previously announced, as part of our acquisition of Union Bank of Oxford NC, we agreed to change our name to Union Bank effective with the merger. We are excited about this opportunity to grow our bank and to gain new entry into the growing markets in and around the Triangle region of NC.

Since the little bank is the surviving company, the only thing that will change is the name of the Bank. As a result, all aspects of your existing loan and deposit accounts will remain the same. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR ACCOUNTS.

The following is a list of common questions that you may have regarding our name change:

When will you officially operate as Union Bank? We will officially operate as Union Bank on Monday August 28th. At this time you will see the signage on our branches change to Union Bank. On August 28th, customers from both banks will be able to conduct business at any of our combined 15 locations.

Will there be any changes to my loan or deposit accounts? No, your accounts, account numbers and the manner in which you access your accounts will not change. Your existing supply of little bank checks and deposit slips will continue to work until you run out and re-order. At that time your new supply of checks and deposit slips will have the new name and logo.

Will my access to on-line banking or mobile banking change as a result of the merger? No, your online banking accounts and mobile banking accounts, including your existing passwords will not change as a result of the merger. You will continue to use them as you do today. For mobile banking customers, you will need to update your existing little bank app sometime after August 28 in order to see the most current version of Union Bank’s mobile banking.

Will my little bank debit card continue to work after the merger? Yes, your little bank debit card will continue to work until it expires or is replaced in the normal course of business. We do expect to replace little bank debit cards with new “chip technology” cards sometime in the later part of 2017. Until then, just keep using your existing card.

Will your website change? You must continue to use for access to online banking until August 28, 2017. This name will continue to work for an extended period of time. After August 28, 2017 you will automatically be redirected to the new website and web address.

Are there any changes to my FDIC insurance as a result of the merger? No, your FDIC insurance limits will not change as a result of the merger. Please contact your branch office if you have deposits at both banks and would like to know more about your FDIC insurance coverage.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to continuing to cultivate our relationship for years to come.

Vincent R. Jones, President and CEO