Success Stories

Union Bank has proven time and time again that relationships matter.

Jason Wilkes, Louisburg Tractor

"Our business is not just about selling a product or service, it is about building a relationship with the customer. Union Bank has proven time and time again that relationships matter. That is why Louisburg Tractor is proud to bank at Union."

Jason M. Wilkes
Sales Manager

Since 1951, Louisburg Tractor & Truck Co. has been locally owned and operated in Louisburg, North Carolina. They specialize in farm equipment, as well as commercial and residential lawn and garden equipment. Their products range from tractors to mowers, and we have both new and used equipment. Their product lines include: Massey Ferguson, Kubota, Scag, Woods, Bush Hog, Echo, and many others.

Louisburg Tractor has a full line of quality parts and accessories, and their service department features skilled and factory-trained technicians. They also offer free local delivery and on-site setup to ensure ultimate satisfaction with your buying experience.

Louisburg Tractor & Truck Co. has been offering their valued customers the best brands at competitive prices while supporting them with quality parts and dependable service for over 60 years. Please call, email, or stop by the store. They’d love to show you around!

Visit their website HERE to learn more about Louisburg Tractor.

McDonald York Building Company + Union Bank = The Perfect Union

McDonald York Building Company

"We have built our business understanding that relationships matter. Union Bank gets that."

Heather Denny

Founded in Raleigh, North Carolina in the early 1900s, York Construction Company built some of the most notable landmarks in the Triangle including Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel, the NC State Bell Tower, the Raleigh Farmer's Market, and Northgate Mall.


In the 1990s, York Construction Company merged with another local business to form McDonald York Building Company.


Throughout its history, McDonald York has become a leader in the commercial construction industry throughout the Triangle.


With more than 100 years behind them, McDonald York is being run by the first president and CEO who is not a family member. Heather Denny has spent her years working her way up through different positions within the company and is leading McDonald York through many more years of excellence in their industry. Heather is "an individual that perfectly represents how this company values hard work and commitment."


Visit their website HERE to learn more about McDonald York Building Company.

When Champs Performance Needed a Loan, Union Was There

"I'm lucky to have a bank that believes in me and works hard for me."

Mike Satterfield

After nine years as a business-banking customer at a big bank, Mike Satterfield tried to borrow money to build a new facility for his auto-repair business. They said no. So Mike found a better bank.

A banking customer deserves to have his loyalty rewarded, right? That’s what Mike Satterfield thought. For almost a decade, he was a business customer at a big bank. He figured after depositing over $4 million dollars, his bank would be willing to consider loaning him the money he needed for a new facility for his automotive repair center, Champs Performance. But they didn’t.

“They wouldn’t touch me for a loan,” remembers Mike. With Union Bank, the response was different. With Union Bank, he got a chance. With Union Bank, he became the first small business to build a facility in his hometown of Creedmoor…in 15 years. “The last six years were horrible,” says Mike. “Most banks have really turned their backs on the small businesses that they survive on. I can’t express how blessed I am to have Union Bank on my team.”

Not only did Union give Champs Performance the building loan it needed to complete a 7500 square-foot commercial center, but they provided other important business services like credit card processing and a check reader, saving the business thousands of dollars each year. Mike found that no hurdle he faced was too big or too small Union. Toward the tail end of his building project, he needed extra cash to finish up. “All I had to do was ask. I was so nervous about asking, but John Burns looked at me and said, ‘We’ve got your back,’” Mike says. “I didn’t know what to say.”

Work hard, believe in yourself, and good things will happen. And when your bank does the same thing, even better things will happen.


Union Helped Esthetics by Caris Get a Grip on Business Banking

"Union gives me great service even though I'm not a multi-million dollar business."

Diane Mack

When Diane Mack became a small business owner, she was faced with many financial questions. One day she called her bank to ask for help. They never called her back. She realized she needed a better partner. So she called Union Bank.

Diane Mack is an aesthetician—an expert and specialist in the field of skin care. When she opened Esthetics by Caris, she found that she was faced with decisions in a realm she was unfamiliar with—business banking. When she asked her big bank for help, she found that they didn’t offer the level of support and service that she needed.

“Because I’m a small business, it felt like the bigger banks didn’t care,” says Diane. “But at Union, I got great service even though I'm not a multi-million dollar business.” At Union Bank, she found people who were interested in seeing her succeed, and who saw her finances in a different way.  With better solutions for her business, Diane was free to focus on what she was really passionate about: working on skin. Diane came to Union Bank because she was told she’d find a “home town banking” experience. She found that and much more. She found trusted advisors and people who want to help her succeed.

“They’re always available. I can just pick up a phone and call them. And I can ask them any business question. Even when they don’t know the answer, they send me to someone who does. A long time ago, your banker knew you and your entire financial situation, but that’s rare today,” recalls Diane. “Things are starting to shift back in that direction, and Union Bank is head of that curve.”

Diane brings expertise in her skin care; Union Bank provides financial know-how. When those things combine, the result is better business.

Chuck and Cathy Seifert Were Building Their Dream Home--Union Made it Come True

Jenny's Salon

"It's nice to have a bank that looks out for our best interests."

Chuck and Cathy Seifert

The Seiferts were looking for a smooth transition from their busy work lives into retirement and their dream house at Lake Royale near Louisburg, N.C. Union Bank provided them with financial services and a whole lot more.

Chuck and Cathy Seifert were on the brink of several big changes in their lives. Retirement. Moving cities and states. Building a home for the first time. With so many changes happening at virtually the same time, the couple was eager to get help wherever they could.

Their homebuilder suggested that they call Union Bank. There, they found some things that were pleasant though not entirely surprising. They found team of professionals who had answers to their financial questions, and who cared about delivering friendly, reliable service. But they also found a group of people willing to go well beyond the typical banking relationship norms.

“We had never built a house before, so they walked us through the entire process,” Cathy remembers. “We really felt like we had people who were looking out for our best interests.” While they were still living and working in Suffolk, Va., they got updates on construction from their builder…and their banker. “Melissa couldn’t have been more helpful,” says Cathy. “She took pictures of the build in progress, and anytime a question came up, she was always available with an answer.”

Through their relationship with Union, they found an attorney for closing, and Cathy even found a hairdresser in her new hometown. They were so impressed with the service and attention that they got through their construction loan that they now have their savings and other personal accounts with Union.

Today, they gladly drive past several other banks to get to their Union branch. It’s a small price to pay for better banking.


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