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MyCardRules™ is an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to control and manage your Union Bank debit card. You get complete control of how, when, where, and who uses your card. Plus, being in control of spending and usage gives you another layer of security – and a little extra peace of mind. With this free app you have the ability to:

  • Turn your card on or off
  • Set spending limits based on a certain dollar amount, transaction type, or merchant type
  • Get instant alerts when a card is used or for certain types of transactions (i.e. when the card is declined)
  • Choose a specific region where the card can be used or restrict usage based on your mobile device’s location
  • Set parental controls and monitoring
  • Share your card with dependent cardholders; once they register your card, they can start using it, but only within the limits you have set for them

Best of all, managing your card with MyCardRules is safe and secure. Your account is password-protected and highly encrypted.




MyCardRules app download link to Google Play store MyCardRules app download link to iOS app store


For more information, download the MyCardRules brochure.