Fraud Prevention and Protection

Identity theft and account fraud can happen to good people. With these tips from Union Bank, you can arm yourself with information to protect against fraud.

  • Review your credit report for suspicious transactions. Free credit reports are available annually from each of the three major credit bureaus at
  • Keep only the most vital information in your wallet. Leave your social security card and unused credit cards in a safe place at home until you need them.
  • Only provide payment information over the phone when you have initiated the call
  • Shred documents that contain personal information before throwing them away. You would be surprised how much identity thieves can learn from your trash!
  • Report a lost or stolen debit or credit card immediately
  • When making online purchases, make sure the website is encrypted. Look for a lock symbol on your web browser of https:// in the address bar.
  • Change all of your passwords frequently
  • Avoid sharing identifying details like your mother's maiden name, your first pet or your high school mascot online or on social media. These are often the answers to security questions and allow fraudsters to gain access to your identity.


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