Business Fee Schedule

Account Transaction History
Service Fee
Snapshot of transaction history $2.00
Image print statement $5.00
Check Photocopy $3.00
Commercial Analysis Checking
Service Fee
Deposit $0.40
Check (per debit item) $0.17
Coins (per roll supplied) $0.10
Currency (per $1,000 deposited or supplied) $1.00
Deposited Items – On Us (each) $0.08
Deposited Items – Transit (each) $0.09
Night Depository Usage (per bag deposited) $1.00
Monthly Analysis Charge $13.00
Other Charges Per schedule
ATM & Debit Card
Service Fee
Foreign charge $2.00
Withdrawal Free
Balance Inquiry Free
Transfer Free
POS transaction Free
Replacement card (each) $5.00
Other Account Fees
Service Fee

* Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

** A dormant fee will be assessed after 1 year of account inactivity on checking and money market accounts and 2 years of account inactivity on savings accounts.

Deposited Items Returned $10.00
Automatic Funds Transfers Free
Cash Management Services Ask for custom pricing
Mobile Banking Free
Mobile Remote Deposit Free
Online Banking Free
Online Banking Bill Pay Free
Remote Deposit Services Ask for custom pricing
Non-Sufficient Funds Transfer $3.00
Check Printing Varies by style
Bill Pay Free
Deposit Correction Free
Early closing fee (if any account is closed within first 30 days) $25.00
IRA transfer fee (outgoing) $25.00
Garnishment $75.00
Lien or Levy $75.00
Monthly dormant charge $5.00**
Overdraft fee (each) $29.00*
Return item fee (each) $29.00*
Official checks (each) $10.00
Research/Reconciliation (per hour) $25.00
Telephone transfer (other than direct access) $3.00
Envelope Draft $7.50
Investment Sweep Account Monthly Fee $150.00
Lock Bag Purchased (each) $20.00
International Item Collection $35.00
Foreign Currency Exchange 1% of cash value. $5.00 minimum, $30.00 shipping
Gift Cards & Travel Cards See branch for details and pricing
Special Services Ask for custom pricing
Convenience Box
Service Fee
5×5.5 $25.00
10×5.5 $60.00
10×10.5 $80.00
Deposit Bags Purchased
Service Fee
Lock Bags – Small 7×11 $30.00
Lock Bags – Large 9×13 $35.00
Vinyl Zipper Bags – Small $4.00
Vinyl Zipper Bags – Large $9.00
Safe Deposit Box
Service Fee
3×5 $20.00
5×5 $30.00
3×10 $40.00
5×10 $50.00
10×10 $75.00
Drill Box $160.00
Rekeying $80.00
Stop Payments
Service Fee
Placed via online banking $15.00
Placed at the branch $30.00
Wire Transfers
Service Fee
Incoming $15.00
Domestic outgoing $20.00
Foreign outgoing $40.00