Board of Directors

Union Bank's Board of Directors is made up of local community leaders who are committed to making every day better.

Crawford A. Knott, Chairman Crawford A. Knott, Chairman

Partner, Holden Moss Knott Clark & Copley, PA, Certified Public Accountants

Mr. Knott, who is a Partner and President of Holden Moss Knott Clark & Copley, PA, Certified Public Accountants, is the Chairman of the Audit Committee and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. He brings a wealth of financial sophistication and experience to the Board with his knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles, analytical ability as it relates to interpreting financial statements, and aptitute at understanding the fundamental, financial principles of the Bank's business.

Thomas M. Combs Thomas M. Combs

President and CEO, Union Bank & Trust Company

As the Bank's President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Combs is the Bank's only inside director. Prior to joining the Bank in 2005, Mr. Combs spent four years working as Vice President for a larger financial institution in the Bank's current, primary markets. His deep banking ties in the market, as well as strategies and insights gained from experience at other financial institutions, provide the Bank with a leader who is well-equipped to provide strategic guidance to the Bank in a very competitive banking climate.

Chandler T. Currin, Jr. Chandler T. Currin, Jr.


A farmer by trade, Mr. Currin, who is the owner/operator of Currin Farms, is also a board member of Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. He provides the bank with a strong connection to the agricultural business that is the lifeblood of the communities that the Bank serves.

Herbert T. Gregory, Jr. Herbert T. Gregory, Jr.

Farmer, Retired Computer Software Designer

Mr. Gregory, who has served on the Bank's Board since 2006, is a farmer and retired computer software designer. Mr. Gregory comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and has deep roots in Granville County, one of the Bank's primary markets.

F. Wills Hancock, IV F. Wills Hancock, IV

Real Estate Developer, Residential Building Contractor

A Board member since 2006, Mr. Hancock is a well-respected real estate developer and residential building contractor. He owns Century 21 Hancock Properties. Mr. Hancock's familiarity with, and experience in, the real estate industry are valuable assets to the Board, as the Bank's business requires a strong understanding of the fundamentals of the real estate markets in which the Bank operates.

Conrad Boyd Sturges, III Conrad Boyd Sturges, III

Attorney/Partner, Davis, Sturges & Tomlinson, P.L.L.C.

Mr. Sturges joined the Board in December 2012. He resides in Louisburg, North Carolina and is a law partner in the firm of Davis, Sturges & Tomlinson, P.L.L.C. In addition to his legal expertise, Mr. Sturges has prior board experience serving on the board of directors of the Tar River Land Conservancy and as a Trustee for Louisburg College. He is also a town councilman for the Town of Louisburg.

Dr. Stelfanie Williams Dr. Stelfanie Williams

President, Vance-Granville Community College

Dr. Williams joined the Board in February 2013. She resides in Henderson, North Carolina and is President of Vance-Granville Community College. In addition to her expertise in administration, Dr. Williams brings prior board experience from serving on various executive boards.

Robert T. Williford, II Robert T. Williford, II

Local Hardware Retailer

Mr. Williford, who has been a member of the Bank's Board since 2006, operates a hardware store in the heart of the Bank's service market. He has direct contact with countless clientele, and his understanding of the importance of customer service parallels the Bank's cornerstone mission of serving its customers. His longtime experience running a successful business greatly benefits the Bank as it strives to meet the banking service needs of small- to med-size businesses.

T. Gray Yancey T. Gray Yancey

Granville County Magistrate, Real Estate Property Manager

Director Yancey is a Granville County Magistrate, serving the Bank's community as an officer of the district court. He is also Vice President of Yancey Properties, Inc. Mr. Yancey has a fair and balanced approach to corporate governance and adds business acumen, as well as reputational goodwill, to the Bank's Board.

Stephen K. Zaytoun Stephen K. Zaytoun

Owner, Zaytoun & Associates, Inc.

Mr. Zaytoun joined the Board in December 2012. He is owner of the Cary, North Carolina-based Zaytoun & Associates, Inc., which is an employee benefits insurance firm. In addition to his risk management experience, he brings past experience serving on a community bank board and has extensive ties to the Wake County market, where the Bank operates two loan production offices.

Stanley H. Fox, Director Emeritus Stanley H. Fox, Director Emeritus

Fox & Associates

Mr. Fox is a retired clothing merchandiser and former president of the North Carolina Retail Association. He was also a ten-year member of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

R. Gene Edmundson R. Gene Edmundson, Director Emeritus

Attorney/Partner, Edmundson & Burnette LLP

Mr. Edmundson, who has been a North Carolina licensed attorney for 50 years, brings an astute and well-versed legal mind to the Bank's Board. The Bank, which operates under an array of state and federal laws and regulations, benefits greatly from the presence of a Board member experienced in statutory interpretation and analysis.

James B. Belcher, Vice Chairman James B. Belcher, Director Emeritus

Retired Tobacconist

A founding director of the Bank, Mr. Belcher spent many years working in the highly-regulated tobacco industry, which provides cross-industry experience to the Bank, which also operates in a heavily regulated environment. Mr. Belcher is also a real estate developer, and his insight and first-hand experiences in that industry support the Board in developing strategies for assisting Bank customers facing a difficult economic climate and depressed real estate market.

Jodi Anderson Dr. Jo Ann Anderson, Director Emeritus

Vice President of North Carolina New Schools, Retired educator from Granville County School System

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