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EMV Chip Card Q&A

September 24, 2015


As many banks and merchants are migrating to the new EMV chip debit and credit cards, we know that you have many questions. We have prepared a Q&A sheet of frequently asked questions to assist everyone in this transition.


Please click HERE to view our Q&A form and feel free to contact your local branch if you have additional questions.


Thank you!



Scam Alert

August 28, 2015


IMPORTANT - Please be aware that we have received notice from a customer that received what the Bank perceives as a scam. The customer was told her debit card had been frozen or blocked and that she needed to provide them her 16 digit card number to get resolution. Our Bank and Fraud Department will NEVER ask for you complete 16 digit debit card number. If you receive a call that requests this information, it is a scam. Do not provide them any information and hang up the phone. Please call your local branch if you receive any calls you are unsure of.



Online Banking

July 27, 2015


Let us help you manage your money better. Sign up for Online Banking today to view transactions, check your balance, pay bills, and so much more!


Find out more about what our Online Banking can do for you by clicking HERE.


Click HERE to enroll in Online Banking today!



Groundbreaking - Cary, North Carolina

May 12, 2015


Union Bank officially broke ground in Cary on May 1, 2015! We are excited to embark on this adventure as we build our first full-service branch in Wake County. Our new location will be at the intersection of Davis Drive and High House Road in Cary near the new Publix in Bradford Plaza. Thank you for all of your support and for helping us make every day better!



Project JACK - Debit Card Information

May 1, 2015



Due to the system upgrade scheduled for the weekend of May 15, you will receive a new debit card and PIN in the mail beginning May 1, 2015. You will be able to use your currently issued debit card until the morning of Monday, May 18 at approximately 9:00 a.m. Your new debit card can be activated that morning as well. Activation instructions will be enclosed with your new card.


For more information about Project JACK, visit our website page:



Union Bank Sponsors VGCC Golf Tournament

January 27, 2015


Union Bank is proud to announcement their sponsorship of the 31st annual Vance-Granville Community College Endowment Fund Golf Tournament. The event raises funds to support student scholarships and to support the mission of the college. Visit the link below for more information on the event and for information about participating in the tournament. It is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at the Henderson Country Club.

IRA Rollover Rule Changes

December 29, 2014


***Important Notice*** IRA rollover rule changes are effective January 1, 2015. Be sure to seek advice from your Tax professional prior to doing any type of IRA rollover!

Staples Inc. Debit Card Breach

December 19, 2014


Staples Inc., announced that nearly 1.2 million customer payment cards may have been exposed during a security breach earlier this year. The office supply retailer said in October that it was looking into a potential credit card breach, adding to a long list of retailers recently hit by cyber attacks. Staples said Friday that an investigation shows that the criminals used malware that may have allowed access to information for transactions at 115 of its U.S. stores. That includes cardholder names, payment card numbers, expiration dates, and card verification codes. The Framingham, Massachusetts-based company is offering free identity protection services, including credit monitoring, to customers who might be at risk. The security breach affected different stores at different times between July and September.


Union Bank is committed to protecting your accounts with us. If your debit card is reported to the Bank as one that may have been compromised, the Bank will contact you to discuss your options.

Phishing and Malware Campaign Notice


The holiday season provides increased opportunities for malicious actors to conduct seasonal phishing and malware campaigns as a means to gain unauthorized access to computer systems. Over the course of the holiday season, please continue to practice safe browsing and to evaluate e-mails, SMS messages, and other communications with a critical eye.


Please be aware that cyber actors may leverage the sales, good will, and other aspects of the holiday season to entice individuals into opening attachments, clicking links, or installing software that contains malicious code or collects personal information. Customers should practice safe internet browsing both on personal and corporate computer systems.


Potential attack vectors include:


-Seasonal E-Cards/E-mails

-E-mails/In-mails on social networking sites

-Fraudulent posts on social networking sites

-Fake advertisements

-Fake shipping notifications, with attachments or links to view the notice

-Charity scams


Protective measures against phishing scams and malware campaigns include:


-Maintain up-to-date antivirus software*

-Maintain up-to-date, patched software (operating system, internet browser, Adobe Flash, Silverlight, etc..)

-Do not follow unsolicited web links in email, text, or chat messages

-Use ad-blocking software to avoid 'malvertising' and potential downloading of malicious content

-Enable "click to play" in your internet browser to avoid automatically playing embedded content on a web page (i.e. news sites, Facebook, etc...)

-Do not open unexpected attachments

-Save and virus scan attachments before opening them

-Do not provide personal or corporate information over the phone, through a website, or via email to unknown persons or to an unsecure website.

-Verify the identity of the person with whom you are communicating


A link to the US-CERT informational alert and additional resources and information may be found here:


-US-CERT Holiday Phishing/Malware Notice:

-US-CERT Phishing Awareness:

-US-CERT Shopping Safely Online:

-US-CERT Traveling with Personal Internet Enabled Devices (i.e. Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc...):

-FTC Charity Scams Information:

Home Depot Debit Card Update

October 2, 2014


The Home Depot®, the world's largest home improvement retailer, confirmed on September 18, 2014, that the malware used in its recent breach has been eliminated from its U.S. and Canadian networks. The company also has completed a major payment security project that provides enhanced encryption of payment data at point of sale in the company’s U.S. stores, offering significant new protection for customers. Roll-out of enhanced encryption to Canadian stores will be complete by early 2015. Canadian stores are already enabled with EMV “Chip and PIN” technology. Click here for additional guidance.


Union Bank is committed to protecting your accounts with us. If your debit card is reported to the Bank as one that may have been compromised, the Bank will contact you to discuss your options.

Scholarship Honors Stan Fox

August 8, 2014


Union Bank recently established a new scholarship at Vance-Granville Community College in honor of Stanley H. "Stan" Fox of Oxford.


The endowed scholarship will be known as the Union Bank/Stanley H. Fox Presidential Merit Award.


Fox is a former state legislator, director emeritus on the bank's board, and current vice-chair of the VGCC Board of Trustees. He is a former president of the Granville County Chamber of Commerce. He served in the North Carolina House of Representatives, representing constituents in Granville, Vance, and Warren counties from 1995 through 2004.


Fox was appointed to the VGCC Board of Trustees in 2007 and reappointed in 2011. He was elected vice-chair of the board in 2011.


He previously endowed the Stanley H. Fox Academic Achievement Scholarship at Vance-Granville. The new scholarship will be awarded each year in perpetuity to a student who meets certain academic requirements.


For more information, call (252) 738-3409.

Scam Alert

May 23, 2014


Be Aware! There is a new scam that involves debit cards, credit cards and pre-paid cards. The electronic voice will call your cell phone number, tell you that your card has been cancelled, and to press 1 to reactivate your card. When you select the option to reactivate your card, the next automated voice will tell you, “Now enter your card number.” At that point, the criminals behind this scam will have your card information. THIS IS A SCAM. The Bank will never ask for your full  card number over the phone. If you have already provided your card number to the scammer, you should cancel your debit card, credit card, or pre-paid card immediately.

Heartbleed Vulnerability

April 17th, 2014


You may have heard of the “Heartbleed” vulnerability that was identified last week by security researchers. Please know that Union Bank takes these threats seriously. The Bank is aware of this vulnerability and has taken the necessary steps to ensure that your information continues to stay protected.

Union Bank Launches A New Brand
March 17th, 2014

It's actually our customers' excitement about work and life that drives and pushes us forward. They inspire us to do what we do, better, each day. So we're putting our best foot forward with a new logo, slogan, colors and attitude that raise expectations and reflect our progress. We think of our new brand as a catalyst for change, making us better and reflecting our ideas for what this community can be. We love that we can add value, offer guidance and bring joy to our clients' everyday lives by continually improving this bank. We love that Union Bank plays a small part in encouraging and inspiring customers in their own businesses, families and lives to make every day better. You'll be seeing more signs of our new brand everywhere you look: online, in our lobbies and out in our communities.

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